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H.M. (UK Client) 

My time working and healing in counselling has allowed me to regain strength, reimagine my potential and return to my growth, with every step facilitated by the kind, loving and wonderful Kala.


Kala has helped me in ways, most of which I cannot describe, and ways I'm yet to realise.


In the time since we finished our sessions, life has been intense and challenging for me. Before our work together, any one of the things I've been through could have been detrimental to me.

Yet I feel able to get through and over each obstacle while maintaining my boundaries, allowing myself time to heal and continuing to learn and grow.


I have learnt that self-love should be always on-going, and I have been equipped with the tools to help me manage the negatives, and truly enjoy the positives of my very full life. I am eternally grateful - thank you Kala! 

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R. P. (UK Client)

I had psychotherapy , counselling and life coaching sessions with Kala for around 8 months. I found the sessions to be transformative.


I initially sought help with grief and addiction. Kala was excellent at seeing how these threads were woven together with other concerns and aspects of my psychology that were limiting myself and my full expression.She was also very skilled at untangling these threads with me and helping to find these things I could do in my daily life to help with healing and growth.


Kala has a kind, open and supportive presence, she makes what could be a very difficult process much easier. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to move through modalities with skill and grace was always evident.


Kala is extremely insightful and almost every session there was a gem of realisation that we uncovered together and then worked to integrate and understand.


Since starting the sessions I have been able to work through my grief and addiction issues. In addition to this, as a natural process, I have become my fun, creative self more fully in all aspects of life.


Alongside lifestyle changes the therapy has released a huge amount of creative and loving energy in me that had dissipated previously. I am now pursuing my personal aims more directly and have taken on new projects that satisfy my creative goals. 


I highly recommend therapy to all human beings and I highly recommend Kala to anyone who has even the slightest feeling that she might be the right therapist for them. Because she almost definitely is.